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Figurative Paintings

Like for many art students, charcoal drawings of masks was an essential aspect of training. At the time this study was not one of my favorites. Much later I discovered that I simply did not see art in shades of blacks and greys. Colour, warm, vibrant and dramatic is essential for me and the psychological side is like feeling hot sun on my skin.

Colour is my catalyst, hot colors that remind of the sun's warmth. I am inspired by my yearly visits to Mexico, the Fiesta, a feast of color in the strong flame that helps to animate the configurations.

I am also intrigued by the human form and interested in capturing the exotic, the obscure presentation. Some of my figurative work hides the shape in a burst of colors, while in other works the human form is a three-dimensional sculpted canvas and painted with representation of the changing sky, such as in the Skyscapes.

Click on the image to see a larger version. Please note that some paintings may already be sold.

Figuratively I Figuratively II Figuratively III Figuratively IV Figure Study I Figure Study II Skyscape I Skyscape II Skyscape III Skyscape IV

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