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While studying art in Europe, I was influenced by the expressionistic art movement. After emigrating to Canada, as with many landscape painters, the GROUP OF SEVEN was an inspiration.

After many years of painting in acrylics and watercolours, I became captivated by fibre arts as an unique art form and instead of painting the canvas, I wove it with hand spun silk, wool and other natural materials, creating textured landscapes where colours and shapes flowed together in a fluid movement, divided by a heavier material. I was intrigued by the sensuous feel of the fabric and the possibility of using colour and texture to dissolve a landscape down to basic colours and shapes.

With this series "Scapes" I have completed my circle of ceation and returned to painting the Canadian landscape. I am working with acrylic paints as I previously worked with fibres. The shapes of the imaginary landscapes are woven together with colour, flowing simultaneously in dreamlike shapes but are kept apart by a stark outline. My aim is to break up the landscape into the basics of a flat, hard edged design of rich colours and melodic shapes, eliminating details and unnecessary components.

Click on the image to see a larger version. Please note that some paintings may already be sold.

Birch Trees Diptych Fall at Mt. Lake Bow River Triptych Tunnel Mountain Banff Athabasca River Autumn in the Valley of the Ten Peaks Bay Shore Farm Checkerboard Landscape Cloud over Foothills Craggy Peaks Eastern Township Enchanted Forest Foothills New Denver Beach Peach Tree Rites of Spring Silent Pond River Road Storm in the Valley of the Ten Peaks Tranquility Bay Storm in the Rockies Coutts Grain Elevator Storm Clouds The Pilgrimage

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