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Flowers for Peace

As an artist and a woman, I was greatly disturbed by the war in Iraq and the continuing problems in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Within our turbulent times and the news of war and destruction I wanted to leave all the ugliness behind and create objects of simple beauty.

This series of flowers is dedicated to our world leaders with the wish that they recognize the energy of flowers as an invitation to extend a peace offering to their adversaries. Together with the painted bouquet of blossoms, I have also designated a poem for each politician.

The flower paintings are works of experimentation with mixed media and collage. The procedure of using collages to create texture brings out the luxurious sensation of the flowers while keeping the background subdued and mostly undefined. In order to keep my works new and exciting, I like to explore with different mediums and be challenged by an inventive process.

Click on the image to see a larger version. Please note that some paintings may already be sold.

Calla Lillies in Maroon Vase Red Roses in Blue Vase Rose Bowl Sunflowers in Blue Jug Tulips and Begonias Tulips in Blue Vase Tulips in Copper Jug Tulips in Glass Vase

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