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Music Paintings

While studying art in Europe, I was heavily inspired by the expressionistic art movement. Later, while taking art classes at the University of Edmonton under Doug Haynes, I was introduced to collages and while working as a fibre artist I came to love fragmentary textures. With this series I have consolidated those influences.

While working in my studio, I have always listened to a wide range of music, both instrumental and lyrical and have become aware how the auditory stimulation transfers to a visual image in my paintings. It is this interconnection between the intuitive recognition of the art forms of music, poetry of songs and the interpretation of it onto a canvas that this series is based on.

Each of the paintings in this series is about an individual musical or vocal composition or arrangement and represents the image it invoked in my unconscious, therefore the paintings are as diverse in style and media as the music they originate from. Please note that some paintings may already be sold.

Ballerina Burning Desire Carmina Burana Etude Flamenco Ole Mozart Minuet The Musician Ode to Haydn Sonata Study in Arpeggio Untitled Music The Muse

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