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Over the last few years, my work has moved further away from the representative expression of art and taken on an abstract quality.

This series of abstract paintings is an experiment in texture, colour and shapes. The shapes are defined by unconscious recall, the colours are bright and sensuously warm, pleasant memories of time spent under a hot tropical sun.

Even though abstract art is non-representative, the artist is continuously surrounded by outside influences, be it memory, mood swings or literary and auditory perception. Art is multi-faceted, the art of others and other art media influences our own. I have come to accept the effect of outside stimulation and incorporated those into my art. The music I listen to while I paint has greatly contributed to each of my works, as well as the literature I have familiarized myself with and the places I have traveled to. Some of these powerful effects are reflected in the titles of each piece.

Click on the image to see a larger version. Please note that some paintings may already be sold.

Quilting Circles Carribean Blues Better place to be The light burns on Autumn Cantra Libre 2 out of 3 Nucleus The Gift Cuban Rhythm Cuban Memories The Promised Land Avalon Blues First Light The Trinity Session Seasons in the Sun Show me the Way The Radical Light Mexican Fiesta Rhizome Alberta Resources High Tech Information

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