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Title: Homage to Leonard Cohen, Author: Elizabeth Laishley
84 pages, 32 full color reproductions, ISBN 0-9731616-0-4

Wholesale - 3 books min., $CDN 30.- per book, plus shipping. We will send an invoice.
Retail - $CDN 40.-

Canada: $CDN 8.50,   US: $CDN 10.--,
all other locations: $CDN 15.--,   air mail: $CDN 25.--

Limited Edition Prints, numbered and signed by the artist.
24 inches (61cm)
Regular Print: $CDN 75.-- 
Canvas Edition: $CDN 195.-- 

30 inches (79cm)

Regular Print: $CDN 150.-
Canvas Print: $CDN 295.-

Original Miniatures
The Muses of Leonard Cohen
Original paintings on wood, 2" x 12" (9cm x 30cm)

$CDN 125.-

Canada: $CDN 15.--
US: $CDN 20.--
all other locations: $CDN 30.--
air courier: $CDN 35.--

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Visa or Mastercard, Money Orders through Western Union

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