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Over the last 40 years, the poetry and music of Leonard Cohen have given me pleasure and artistic inspiration. Therefore I decided to initiate a series of paintings with which I presume to interpret the songs of Leonard Cohen onto canvas. Just as the writing and music of Leonard Cohen, the paintings are suffused with symbolism, spriritualism, mystery and erotic sensuality. I have tried to bestow Cohens intense mood and ethereal expression, but also still show a glimpse of his macabre humour.

In over 40 paintings I have attempted an interpretation of auditory and literary art into visual art. In this case, the success of the exhibit comes from years of research into the literature of Leonard Cohen and familiarity with his work and life.

I have compiled my paintings of "The Songs of Leonard Cohen" into a book titled "Homage to Leonard Cohen", which was launched in Sept. 2002. My exhibition and book have been well received by Cohen Fans all over the world. Leonard Cohen himself has complimented me on my art by letter and e-mail.

Letter from Leonard Cohen
Photo by Jarkko Arjatsalo (Los Angeles 1999)

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